Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Start of the Mortal Engines character.

So I've been waiting for this project since last year, it’s been a long time coming. I've always had a massive passion for character art and just want to create characters all the time. Pity the course doesn't have more character based projects as I think they are a great way to learn game art as they’re so complex. But on the flip side it can be overwhelming at times.

So for this project we have to create a character inspired by the book, Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve. I read this book through the summer, and while it is a pretty tame book it does a great job of painting a mental picture of characters and environments. Which is a concoction of Victorian post-apocalyptic steam punk (mouthful..)

Before jumping the gun and I start modelling, I’m going to do extensive research as I really want this piece to shine. I’m currently re reading the book to jog my memory, and I’m gathering inspiration from similar themed films, I've just watched ‘Book of Eli’ and maybe later ill dive into the Mad Max films. As I’m surrounding myself with sources of inspiration I’m making many notes, and creating moodboards (see below). So far I’m liking the ‘Salvage Men’ in the book, who work in the gut of London surrounded by fumes and fire as they dismantle and salvage anything from the recently consumed city/town. I think it’ll be fun to really play on their poor, dirty twistedness.

Ill be posting some basic concepts within the next few days. Check back.

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