Monday, 7 January 2013

New Year, New Semester, New me

I think ive made this post several times, but this is the last time, promise. I’m sick of feeling like this. This is also the last self pity post im making too.

So while being dropped off from  home to uni by my brother I had a 2 – 2.5 hour lecture/motivational speech. While he does go on, he does have a point, several of them. He gave me several tips on how he deals demotivation which I think is my biggest problem. One of them is to think about how not doing that bit of work now means you’ll have to deal with it later, so something else might not get down, which means ill fail at the module, then maybe the course, then what do I do if that happens? Basically I got to think of all the negative things which could happen and their knock on effects if I don’t do it, and that’ll motivate me to do that piece of work.  

Im going to start the gym back up too. I did it over the summer and I just felt mentally better and motivated. Its seems to set me up for the day if I do it in the morning, which im going to need as the work load is increasing this semester. Healthy eating too, my brain needs food, and its not cheap pizza, burger and chips.

Oh yeah, and 'Man up' too.

I’ll be putting all of these into place asap.   

Expect a new blog post soon.

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