Thursday, 17 January 2013

Mortal Engines update - Highpoly

So I'm getting on with this project and I'm actually enjoying in quite a lot, interesting themes and its character art. Double win.

So I've got my concept pretty much nailed down, but have yet to produce a final pretty concept as its time to get the modelling done. Below is a selection of silhouettes I produce, and so far I'm loving number 3, its got an interesting  silhouette and reflects the character really well – lower class’s work in the guts so they’re skinny, a lot of skin showing as they work in hot environments, because of this their skin will be loaded with burns, boils and dirt. Then a few satchels to carry tools, and a rag stuffed under his braces to wipe away the sweat, and a piece of salvage as jewelry.

Currently I’m in the sculpting stage. This is my first proper attempt at sculpting someone with a very low fat content (usually I’m sculpting super buff people or fully clothed people), and I’m having some trouble with it, especially the back/scapula. Even with a handful of references and a few anatomy books by my side I’m not 100% satisfied with it. Some parts don’t look natural – 2 different muscles/bones don’t blend in well (maybe too many hard edges/lines?). But I've been at it too long and so I've got to move onto the over items to hit my daily milestones, something I’m determined to do these days. 

Zbrush sculpt WIP

Should have the final highpoly done in the next few days.

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