Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Mortal Engines : Done.

So that massive project is all handed in, finished, kaput. I've come away with a massive smile.

Why? I hear you ask.

The project went really well for me, in terms of the end product, art quality, learning outcomes and time management, that one especially. Don’t get me wrong, i've been pretty stressed the last few days but know where near as much as I used to be, plus I had a lot more on my plate than usual. And that’s all down to planning. The last week leading up to the project I made daily mile stones, I didn't go to bed or chill out until they were done, I guess it all paid off as todays been (relatively) stress free. Definitely going to be planning my projects like this now.

As we had to rig this model I really wanted to show it off, compositionally anyway. In  one of my lectures recently it was said that triangles are powerful things, so I kept that in mind when posing my model. I kept the feet wide apart pointing to the bottom corners of the image. I also incorporated into the design was the bright blue braces which standout from the brown colours of the model which diagonally runs from the top to the bottom which helps guides the users eye into the ‘compositional triangle’.

I also tried to pose him in a stance that looks like something has just happened/alerted him and he’s trying to ground himself against something. (Maybe a Gut Worker revolt?).

I've taken today as a well deserved rest day, then back to catching up on VD work tomorrow.

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