Thursday, 11 October 2012

Attitude change for year 2, and for life.

So I've had a whole 5 months of summer to change my attitude towards work, relax and get my motivation back. Even though its my first week back i'm buzzing, I just want to do work, and do it well. Just scraping through into the second year has really put everything into perspective, and how lucky I am. I'm not wasting this opportunity.

As I type this I just got back from a lecture, the first thing I did when I got back home was grab a drink and fire up Microsoft Word and start brain farting/ babbling everywhere, and you are reading the results of it. Go back 365 days ago, as soon as I was given a task, like this one, which the deadline is week away, I would start it the night before it was to be handed in, frantically typing whatever comes to my mind just to get something down, just to say 'i've done it' which results in pretty poor quality work.

Even though it's early days so far with all my projects/work I have been set I have started on the day it has been giving. Usually with the first day planning how and when I’m going to do certain bits of it, setting myself personal deadlines. So far its working well, I just need to stick at it for the rest of the year. This is going to be a hard habit to break, I've never been that good/caring when it comes to planning but I know it is a habit I have to break, no question.

One of my changes I want to make this year is to make better use of my time, going back home is around an 8 hour round trip, that’s 8 hours I could be doing something productive instead of staring out the window on the train. I plan to use this time to read drawing/art related books. – i'm going to start here. Even the little things are going to make a difference, such as I plan to have a small sketchbook in the kitchen, so while I’m waiting for my food to cook I can doodle in the sketchbook. It’ll be just a quick 5-10 minute sketch but over the academic year that’ll add up to 25 hours (yes I did the maths....) that’s 2.5 credits right there! I spend a long time speaking to my girlfriend everyday on the phone, so i'm using this time to doodle/ do some drawings, although i am finding that she's getting mad at me for not listening :/. Its little things like this which will get me a decent job after I graduate.

I've also had the summer to change my mindset, I wasted too much time last year playing games and watching stuff on tv, while this is not a bad thing as these mediums can be another source of inspiration, the quantity I watched/played ate into work time too often. This will really be put to the test this month and next as many games I have been waiting for come out. Ill keep you posting about my progress.

To symbolise and motivate me to keep me on this new path I have ordered this poster:

This now hangs proudly on my wall above my computer

Thanks for reading!

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